Party Pleaser Food Gift Basket


Pleasing the masses can be challenging at best. But with combining everything from cheese and crackers to chips and salsa and everything in between, you’ll have a Party Pleaser that’s sure to instill a round of applause.



Items Included:

  • Partners Gourmet Crackers
  • Focaccia Tuscan Style Crackers
  • Lesser Evil Himalayan Popcorn
  • American Gourmet Butter Pretzels
  • American Gourmet Seasoned Pretzels
  • Klein Brothers Spicy Texas Trash Snack Mix
  • Austinuts Texas Lonestar Nut Mix
  • Sonoma Jacks Peppercorn Cheese Wedges
  • Gilman Cheddar Cheese
  • Vision Pack Smoked Almonds
  • Klements Beef Summer Sausage
  • 180 Snacks Cranberry Pomegranate CLusters
  • Beanfields Tortilla Chips
  • Too Good Gourmet Churro Cookies
  • Too Good Gourmet Pumpkin Cake Batter Cookies


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