Here’s to You Food Gift Basket


Showing your appreciation just got a lot tastier! Tucked inside this galvanized tub is a generous selection of tortilla chips, crackers, cheese and other mouthwatering zesty treats. So whether it’s a congratulations, thank you or just because, this hearty tub of snacks is going to certainly relay your message!


CONTAINER SIZE: 12.75″ W x 9.25″ D x 5.25″ H

Items Included:

  • Focaccia Tuscan Style Crackers
  • American Gourmet Seasoned Pretzels
  • Austinuts Lonestar Nut Mix
  • Klein Brothers Spicy Texas Trash Snack Mix
  • Glacier Ridge Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread
  • Beanfields Tortilla Chips
  • Jardins Tipsy Tequila & Lime Salsa
  • Lady Walton Creamy Dark Choc. Cookies
  • (2) Lady Walton White Chocolate Amaretto Wafers


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